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Dax Data Log Mk I

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

On August 16th an event occurred that would alter the flow of time within this reality and others alike or not. The birth of Dax Rogers wasnt only surrounded with joy and love but also a dark and forboding presence, ever peering through the panes of the unspoken realms. However, this presence was only detected by those trained within the arts of the Far Out.

Dax's early life was what most would consider ordinary. He lived with his father, a master mechanic who ran his own engineering shop, and would stay with his grandmother and grandfather when his father worked long hours. Dax idolized his grandfather or his "poppa" something he had called his grandfather from a young age. He often thought to himself: "I want to be like himwhen I grow up".

As Dax grew, the passage of time seemed slow and tedius. If only he was aware of the events that transpired several thousand years prior to his birth on earth. The stars were plunged into chaos by the hands of a single being. One that had made a terrible deal with an entity that originates from outside time and reality.

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