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Mr R. Investigation Journal

Stars Rest, 12E

For nearly 2 centuries I have worked directly and in relation to the C.O.G. Their technology and the minds behind them are of the highest quality. Ranging from interdimensional travel via the lanes to their powerhouse artificial men, I am most impressed by what they have achieved and what we have achieved together.

Even with all of their success both together and them solely I am perplexed by the recent events that have unfolded. For the past 108 hours I've tried to contact the head of mechanical engineering as to inquire about our latest designs revolving around the prototype "Xerxes" model but have received no such response. I will continue to reach out in the meantime however this is most concerning. The members of the C.O.G,  especially the science engineering division are prompt with their communication when it's involving the well being of this sector.

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