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Mr R. Investigation Journal Entry 2

Stars Rest 18E

As I write this within the confines of my quiet lab I find it increasingly hard to shake this terrible feeling. I'm not entirely sure when it began but now it's hard not to notice. With the continued silence from the C.O.G lab, it only adds to this feeling.

Perhaps they're having some kind of communications interference considering they're on the very edge of known space. I've sent 3 inquiries as of now to try to prompt a response in the event that there is some kind of interference. The first inquiry was sent to Professor Caspian Ardasian from Ixlu 1. For a normal biological human he displays exemplary brilliance, spearheading the entire development of the new Vortex Inhibitor Mk 2 line. While working closely with a Xentix, his team was able to design and perfect the MK 2 so that they could be installed into any craft, opening up an almost limitless means of travel. As the lanes continue to be expanded and mapped it will only be a few centuries until the lanes can reach all quadrants of known space.

The second inquiry that I have sent was to Dr. DR34D. Head of the robotics devision hailing all the way from the mysterious world of X1, she is a forbodding but brilliant woman of science. She was the first to design the new reactors that will be placed within the new "Xerxes" entities once we work through some of the shortcomings we've encountered as of late. Without examining her work closely, I cannot confirm nor deny the validity of the reactors capability of being able to be anchored outside of moat known realities while keeping the user tethered to it without compromise. If this proves to be true, we could be looking at a nigh indestructible entity of combat and protection.

The most recent inquiry I've sent was to none other than the brother of Dr. DR34D, BR4V3. Though not a common scientist, he is as brilliant as his sister but his expertise is that of interdimensional investigation. With his profound abilities trained in the schools of Statics and Magnetics he has near unhindered means of travel and resources to gather knowledge. With him working in direct relation with Dr. DR34D's work, it could prove to be the most single revolutionary breakthrough since the construction of the lanes, something he had directly worked on almost 2 millenniums prior to today's date. He is my last hope of contact before I take it into my own hands to see what's going on.

The C.O.G in general do not ignore requests for help or otherwise especially that of people of science that I work directly with. The negative feeling only grows worse and I cannot sit idly by for much longer. If I do not recieve a response by this time tomorrow I will pack up the Phantom and make my way there which will take no less then 4 days since the lanes do not stretch that close to unknown space.

Perhaps along this journey I will have a sufficient chance to test out my newest creation, my prototype Osiris Gauntlet. If I have it calibrated precisely it could prove to be most useful in the medical field.

Entry End. Stars Rest 18E,

Mr. R

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