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Dax Data Log Mk 3

As the first season of Galactic Command was nearing its finish late into the fall season Dax and Philip watched with unbridled anticipation to see the plot unfold. Hinted at the teaser commercial for the final three episodes was the unveiling of a new character that would be needed to ally with the hero of the show, Blitz Galloway.

However as time had went closer and closer to the new year Dax's nightmares become more and more frequent and more forboding. On a cold October night, just after Dax and Philip had finished the latest episode of their beloved show, the two boys had fallen asleep, the TV gently illuminating the otherwise dark room. Dax found himself within a dark corridor, something akin to the scenes of the show he had watched earlier In the night. The corridor was dark and dirty, panels of the walls strewn about the floor, lights flickered. As Dax looked around he felt a terrible presence watching him, causing him to turn around in a panic to see nothing there. Shaken, he slowly turned back and noticed a terrifying shape far down the hall.

It was a hulking figure that he couldn't quite make out other then 2 sets of eyes staring at him, like hot coals in a smoldering fire.

Dax began to run in the opposite direction as he heard a deep laugh travel down the corridor towards him. Dax ran with all of his might looking back to see the shape slowly walking towards him. Completely focused on the shape Dax smashed into something that was in the direction of his sprint causing him to tople to the floor. Dax looked forward to see a pair of boots facing his direction. Dax looked up to see a silvery hand outstretched towards him and he quickly grabbed it.

The figure pulled him to his feet effortlessly and Dax looked at the being quickly, unable to see his face as a long hood was drawn over it a voice grabbed his attention. "Run Dax" the figure said and ushered him farther down the corridor. As Dax turned back to see the figure a bright light blinded his vision.

Dax woke up, breathing heavy and damp from sweating. His TV still illuminating the room with the volume off and his friend Philip sleeping on the couch next to Dax. Another nightmare had grasped his mind and with it the feeling of being watched. Dax began to calm down, doing his best to feel safe In his own home, trying to piece together these odd nightmares he'd been having.

The dreams have been going on for nearly a year and would continue to invade his mind. Darkness is coming, and there is no escape.

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