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D.M.R. Galactic is your tour guide through a wonderful and beautifully dangerous universe where anything goes. On our fun and all-inclusive journeys, we provide a safe and expansive place of imagination for all those who wish to explore.


Join us for Sublight Drive, a novel about an underdog who overcomes tyranny and oppression to save the masses of innocents, while making critical allies and friends along the way, no matter their origin.


meet the crew


Dax Rogers

Stolen from his home on Earth the night of his 14th birthday thanks to an unseen beacon, Dax Rogers is forced into a dangerous alien world he could have only dreamt of. Making critical allies along the way and quickly learning new essential skills, he is unknowingly chosen to be the protector of the galaxy and must unite all walks of life or suffer a fate worse than death.

MEET the commander

Meet the Author

Drake Roberts, author and Chief Galactic Officer of DMR Galactic, was born in small town central Illinois in 1993. A survivor of childhood abuse, he developed his own method of coping by imagining a version of himself in a wild and fantastic world, far from Earth, where anything goes. This universe is expanded upon and forms the basis of Sublight Drive. It’s Mr. Roberts’ hope that Sublight Drive brings joy and adventure to those who explore his universe. Mr. Roberts is a father, husband, and veteran. Sublight Drive is Mr. Roberts’ first book.

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