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Vog Data Log Mk 1

Peace was once wide spread across the cosmos. The times before great wars erupted, before the one from beyond found an entry point between the panes. One such world, that was heralded as a haven for acceptance and community was targeted.

On the far reaches of known space sat a large blue orb known as Ubraxia Prime. This aquatic world was abundant with life under the waves. Being recognized as one of the first to reach the stars, the Ubraxians prided themselves on welcoming any who wished to go out of their way to visit and to use their wonderful hydro powered ships to visit others as well.

Peace under the waves lasted nearly 7000 years before the birth of one fate changing being: Vog.

Born from violence and rage, Vog started his life out in a terrible home that was on the outskirts of city Utopia. The seclusion that surrounded Vogs home aided in his father and mother's abuse towards him, causing him to use rage and aggression as a fuel to his means of survival. As Vog grew, he cast aside the ways of peace and instead used tyranny and oppression to get what he wanted.

By the age of ten he had already out grown his parents, standing at a staggering 9'9" almost half a foot taller then his father. When his projected size was estimated to be well past the normal max height of ten feet, the whispers began to catch Vogs attention.

Whispers that came from a place unspeakable.

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