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BR4V3 Data Log Mk1

Imagine a planet entirely comprised of a factory. Within this factory a mother's voice can be heard calming and guiding the new born. Depending on the cycle of the moon it would dictate the capabilities of the one being born. This was the first memory BR4V3 can remember.

The Xentix are a often times misunderstood and elusive of a race. Only 1 is born per year, a tradition the mother held for countless millennia except for the year of the awakening. During this year a mysterious accident echoed across the stars causing many planetary upsets. Whether it be abnormal weather fluctuations or technological anomalies. This caused 2 Xentix to be born within the same day. One born of the light shone down from the 3 sun's and one born of night glimmering in the star light.

BR4V3 was born with the Insight of all the shining stars of the night, giving him the sight of the seer, seeking to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Upon the completion of his birth he was given a vision, a gift that hadn't happened to his kind since the legendary Calamitous Frik disappeared from known space. In this vision he saw the impending destruction of this era of existence if the child could not be reached and taught the ways of Statics and Magnetics. 

BR4V3 would have to wait nearly 7000 years before the birth of the child. Before he was ready to guide this child he would need to follow the path of Frik, a journey that no one had ever attempted since her disappearance.

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