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BR4V3 Data Log Mk2

The vision that BR4V3 received within a trance like state was one of alarm and intrigue. In this vision he saw a great darkness consuming the known universe through whispers and manipulation. One small glimmer of light within this vision was the birth of one single individual. Thus was born the Prophecy of Retribution.

In order to adequately prepare for the birth of this being BR4V3 would need to prepare himself and the galaxy as well. The date of the birth was not directly revealed to him but he knew that it would take many sun cycles before this event would occur. The first step would be to follow the path of Calamitous Frik.

The major problem with this course of action is that Frik hadn't been spotted in the known galaxy for more then 2000 years, so one would have to look in the unknown parts of the galaxy. In order to do this BR4V3 would have to seek out a specific individual specialized in this sort of sector.

This journey would lead him to the very edge of the known galaxy. Upon this boundary line a small station was present. This station belonged to the Rubidium Division of Intrigue. This was a family run company spanning nearly 3500 years. Their specialty was that of the mysterious and unknown anomalies of the universe.

Investigating the unknown was not only captivating but incredibly dangerous. Tapping into entities and powers beyond current understanding could unravel time and space if not careful. Thankfully Frik had left behind the tome of Zil, a fabled book that was known to bond with those worthy, mysteries abound within its pages. BR4V3 would need to prove himself in order to learn of its mysteries.

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