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Dax Data Log Mk2

In 1977 the pivotal Galactic Command made its earth shattering debut and all but captivated a young Dax. With its TV show reveal came with it a slew of merchandise including the most sought after action figures. Galactic Command shook the world with its revolutionary story and visuals, bringing spectacular space battle scenes, robots, and tactics.

Ever since the the debut of the show Dax and his best friend, which he considered as his brother Philip, could not get enough. Philip and Dax met in the first grade and both had a deep passion for anything space. They lived in the same neighborhood and were inseparable. What was even better is that their fathers went to high-school together so their bond was almost destined.

Often times the friends would spend time together everyday after school and especially on the weekends, creating grand battle scenes with their action figures that pertained to Galactic Command. They would stay up all hours of the night making new and grander scenes having the time of their lives.

As Dax and Philip got older their bond only strengthened and so did their passion for Galactic Command. They followed every single episode to the letter often times taking notes on the development of the show and theorizing what was to happen next.

Outside of what seemed to be an ordinary life, a darkness began to lurk within his life. Dax would occasionally have nightmares that were filled with an unseen force constantly trying to find him, and while he ran in fear within these dreams he would stumble into a robed figure that would warn him of the impending danger that was targeting him. This figure always seemed to try and guide Dax, but he could not see his face as it was shrouded by the long hood.

Darkness is coming

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