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Xerxes Data Log Mk 2

Long before the war with the ubraxians ever began there was a evil military so vast that it shook the galaxy to its core. The Traxxans were more then a formidable enemy, being able to amass an army that could blanket the universe 10 times over. With their quick spawning hives and their large ultra armored living homes, they could roam the known galaxy indefinitely and deploy their forces in a blink of an eye. The Traxxans were not only vast but they were hungry and worshipped a being so terrible that just the thought of it struck fear into the masses which to the Traxxans enhanced the meal.

Due to this tyranny spreading far and wide across the known galaxy an organization was needed. Thus the C.O.G Initiative was born. Uniting peace faring races from all corners it would strive to push back the tyranny of the Traxxans and protect those who could not. In order to do this they would need a well trained fighting force. Their first approach to this force was their highly advanced cyber training methods which included wearing an optics technology that could train any skill in a fraction of the time. By recruiting those willing to protect, they'd be pledging their lives to ensuring a free and peaceful galaxy.

With the threat of the Traxxans getting closer, high priority individuals were located within the C.O.G thanks to a complex spy network. These Traxxan spies were bred for subterfuge and disguise. The Traxxans sent out incredibly dangerous assassins to extinguish their targets. By using their natural mimic abilities these spies inflitrated the deepest of C.O.G networks. Enter the Xerxes Protocol. Much effort and funding went into this to create the perfect guardians. Thankfully the testing process was a quick turnaround and the Xerxes line was born.

With the C.O.G able to quell and push back the overwhelming numbers of the Traxxans defeat was something they could not accept. In a last ditch effort moment the Traxxan leaders formulated a plan that would alter the universe forever. By breeding a special type of entity known to the C.O.G as reality weavers, these Traxxans opened a doorway to the unknown so large that the remaining forces were able to disappear into. With the threat of the Traxxans eliminated this created much concern to the C.O.G. Where did the Traxxans go and how.

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