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Xerxes Data Log Mk 1

The C.O.G were the leader in all things innovative. From designing the first ever vortex inhibitor and then perfecting it to making a top performing series of kinetic steam powered weapons for defense, they covered all aspects of manufacturing. Except for 1 area that was pivotal in putting them beyond the stars: highly advanced automated defense units.  Thus the Xerxes line was born from passion and love for their people who relied on them for protection.

The Xerxes models were highly advanced units of protection, used from guarding high value entities to hunting down the most ghastly of foes, they could do it all. With a reactor that could reanimate itself through mysterious interdimensional means, to being steam and electrical powered, to housing millions of repairing nano bots, this unit was nigh indestructible. On top of its impressive tech that rendered it nearly immortal it was outfitted with a highly intelligent self learning personality matrix that could both learn martial prowess at un-matched speeds but also become a friend and reliable ally.

With self replicating ammunition that only required kinetic energy that was produced by movement, the ability to project a 180° fragment shield, the use of density manipulation, the Xerxes models were more then just a creation for defense, they were a symbol of Hope.

A paragon of peace.

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