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Mirk Data Log Mk2

Before the invasion of Ixlu took place, it was a mostly peaceful planet save for 1 major export: narcotics. With the growing crime export flooding the city the need for defenders grew exponentially. Mirk started his training at the bottom of the ladder, his physical prowess was above his peers which quickly caught the eyes of senior ranking members. Not only did he excell in the physical training section but had master level understanding and adaptation of the intricacies of his position, as a sentinel cadet.

Upon completion of his initial training and advanced training Mirk was plunged into what most members referred to as: The Pit. A central location within the city that was home to the worst offenders. Technically considered a "green boot" by the senior members, Mirk carried himself as one of the veterans. His first assignment was to apply pressure to one of the known gangs: The vipers. This crew was infamous for their highly toxic home made narcotics that was responsible for many deaths. After a long game of cat and mouse Mirk was able to apprehend their leader and bring him to justice.

Due to his quick success within a few months, something that was unheard of considering it took the sentinels almost a decade to gain intelligence on them, Mirk did was other could not. His success caught the eye of the grand council that put a pivotal action into motion: promotion to Retribution Sentinel effective immediately.

Mirk held this rank with the utmost humility and honor, vowing to abolish crime within the city. With his promotion came many perks, one of which the ability to construct a team of highly skilled individuals provided that they had no criminal past. He began recruiting for his crime team, only the most skilled candidates would be considered for this 7 person team. The first inducted into this prestigious sect was none other then his sister, Beck. She was highly skilled in body augmentation and medical procedures becoming a irreplaceable boon to the team as the medic captain.

Mirk and Beck grew up thick as thieves, with only a 2 year difference between them, living in super city 6 was not a normal childhood in the least. Mirk and Beck would run the streets as soon as they were physically capable, unaware of the terrible crime gangs and syndicates that ran the city.

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